Has fatigue become your best friend at the office? Fight it right

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I don’t think any of us likes going to the office. Every morning it is a struggle to get up from the bed and reach the workplace. Even while working the scenario is no different. Most of us are always feeling tired while working. So if you too are just like me then you too must be spending most of your time in your office battling fatigue. I can feel your pain. The feeling of our eyes getting heavy and the difficulty one faces while concentrating on the things they do. In such cases, our best friend is a good cup of coffee. However, suffering from tiredness can affect the way we function at work. It can also affect the productivity of the person. There is a need for us to look for a solution that will help the person remain awake and alert all through the working period. So let us all have a look at the factors that are making you tired at office and also the ways to cure tiredness in a person.


Ways to cure tiredness at the office

Now if you too are constantly feeling tired at your workspace then here are a few ways that will help you cure tiredness-

  • Position of your computer- this might come as a shock. I know!! But this is one of the most common factors that are responsible for making you feel tired at the office. The distance between you and your computer screen matters a lot. If you have a small computer screen than the distance between you and the screen should be around 14 inches and if you have a bigger screen than the distance must be around 20 inches.
  • Choose to sit- I know that sitting for too long can affect your health. However, if you always keep standing than it can drain you out of your energy. Thus sitting is a better option if you wish to remain active all through the day.
  • Incorrect posture- I know most of us to have desk work. Thus we need to sit almost all through the day. However, the way we sit too plays a very important role in our body and the energy level. To cure tiredness the best thing to do is sit right. This will also save you from getting body ache.
  • When you sit make sure that you lean back at an angle of 120 to 135 degree
  • It is important to keep your feet flat
  • Try not to lean forward
  • Using the armrest to lean is also not the right posture
  • Smart drug- these are supplements that are used to enhance the functioning of the brain and cure tiredness. The medicine usually works on the brain of the person. This, therefore, leads to the release of hormones such as the dopamine and histamine. They are very important to promote wakefulness in a person and also to cure tiredness. The smart drug that works well in people with tiredness is Nuvigil smart drugs. Click here to know more.

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